Everyone on the Internet is a Social Media Expert

It seems with every hot, new story of the week on the internet, the social media experts come crawling out to give you their opinionated, often false, takes. From Twitter fingers typing away to TikTokers dance challenging their way into conversations, you can be sure to believe that every social media expert has a hot take for you to believe. I know a lot of you social media creators and experts have a “Know It All” degree from FashionNova University with the Cum Loud distinction, your nonsense is drowning out the truth and real experts.

I am no social media expert and while I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, that doesn’t give me the right to spread false narratives because you think the internet is your own personal soapbox. The incessant urge people have to take to social media to tweet or dance their opinions about a big new story is like watching moths to a flame. They’re just drawn to making an ass out of themselves as they portray themselves to be this all worldly social media expert.

Not everything online needs to be broken down, dissected and then have people regurgitate “hot takes” from other sources. And of course these sources are saying outrageous things just for clicks and to go viral. The sad part is that a lot of these people who retweet and do dance overs, don’t understand this.

I’ve had enough of these so called social media darlings and experts the same way I’ve had enough of Jada Pinkett Smith divulging every minute detail of how she humiliates Will Smith daily.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

I’m not a Swiftie and Kelce isn’t the greatest tight end in NFL history; Gronkowski is, but I really don’t care about their relationship. I don’t need to see people who are trying to be the dyslexic ZMT breaking down whether their relationship is fake or not. If it’s a publicity stunt, great for them. It worked.

For all of those claiming to be a social media expert, Travis Kelce was already popular before Taylor Swift.

Everyone has to be so involved with the relationships of celebrities that they have to take to social media to talk about morning, noon and night. Too bad they can’t just focus on their relationship the same way they obsess over celebrities. Some of y’all actually might not be single every time a holiday rolls around.

Israel and Hamas

Killing of any civilian is wrong, but in war and terrorist attacks the people who deserve to die don’t and civilians become the innocent victims.

Since this horrific event, every social media expert in the field of geopolitical conflict in the Middle East has taken to social media to either support one group or condemn the other with no valid reason for their choice. Some of taken to using this time to promote the hate towards Jewish people while others have upped their Islamophobic rhetoric that they like to keep in their back pocket.

Hate is wrong. Bullying people over different beliefs is wrong. And yet here are the Twitter fingers and TikTok dancers showing how much of an ass they truly are.

And what these so-called online experts are doing is nothing more than spreading false narratives because someone they know or they follow said something and they thought it was right.

Again, everyone online is always right so who is ever wrong? Everyone wants to be first with that hot take that is going to go viral and they don’t care if it’s true or not. They just want the clicks.

Osama bin Laden and his Manuscript

We have become a society of idiots who believe everything online. This latest, hot trend on TikTok is people saying Osama bin Laden was justified for what he did and that he wasn’t a bad guy. Just misunderstood or some bullshit like that.

Yes bin Laden was pissed at the US for pulling out of Afghanistan back in the 80’s leaving them to deal with Russia themselves. Totally get that part.

The part that he isn’t a bad buy is absolute trash. He was personally responsible for the death and destruction on 9/11. It doesn’t matter if he flew a plane into a tower or not.

In the words of Kanan from Power, “He did that shit, guilty as fuck.”

Can you social media experts stop trying to rewrite history because it’s the cool thing to do to get likes? You’re making all the other sheep start bah-ing your nonsense.

Plus it dishonors everyone who died on 9/11 and fought to hunt down and kill bin Laden. If you want to go after someone with your revisionist history, try George Bush and his lies to invade Iraq.

Cassie and Diddy

Domestic violence is wrong in every shape and form. Period.

When the Cassie lawsuit came out and accused Diddy of all these horrific things, every social media expert from both sides took to social media to give their expert testimony.

Idiotic takes like, “If she was so-called abused, why did she stay with him for so long,” or “Everyone has know that about Diddy, it’s her fault for being with him.”

There is never a reason to justify domestic violence but I can guarantee you’ll find some influence peddling their bullshit. I’m not a domestic violence expert, I’m not going to share my thoughts or opinions if it’s true or not. Why? Because I wasn’t in their relationship. I didn’t know the intimate details and guess what? All these Twitter fingers don’t know what happened either, but they’re happy and eager to go down a rabbit hole with their no backed up facts about Diddy is murdering everyone or why Cassie shaved her hair.

And I’m just saying, if someone is innocent and not guilty of the despicable acts mentioned, I sure as hell would want to clear my name instead of settling out of court a day later. But that is just me.

The world is already a convoluted mess of religious ideals, racial hate and everything in between; how about we learn how to fix our issues first in our lives before we take to social media to show off you nothingness expertise on every topic that is the hot button issue of the moment? The less false narratives and dramatic opinions shared, the better.

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