Healthcare Should be a Right not a Windfall For Insurance Companies

Call me crazy but I think healthcare should be a right. I’m so tired of it being nothing more than a Ponzi scheme or financial windfall for the insurance companies. How can America be so great if it won’t even take care of it’s people and their health?

How is it that 32 out of the 33 “developed” nations in the world can figure out healthcare for it’s citizens, but the self proclaimed greatest nation in the world can’t? Why can’t we figure it out? It’s because its nothing but a money grab by greedy individuals in insurance and in the medical fields.

Like everything else these days, greed for corporations and executives is the main reason why average Americans have to suffer. Don’t get me started with the politicians in bed with the insurance lobbyists who are more than happy to have taxpayer funded healthcare and still take bribes, I mean donations from lobbyists to make sure they continue to line their pockets with our money.

Isn’t great that we have to pay a bunch of money each month for health insurance and if we don’t use it, it’s great, but something happens to you or you need to use your health insurance you ended paying a lot more? How does that make sense?

The average annual premium for employer-sponsored coverage was $7,911 for an individual policy in 2022 and $22,463 for a family plan according to an article by the USA Today. Twenty two thousand for a family plan. You can kiss your paycheck goodbye because most of it is wrapped up between social security, taxes and the biggest theft of your wages, health insurance costs.

Honestly would you be ok with paying a little more in taxes to have free healthcare?

Of course then the naysayers would come talking about it would be a year to see a doctor or it’s Socialism. Why are people so ok with continuing screwing people over for profits?

Imagine having health insurance and getting the bill after your wife had a c-section and see a line item where you got charged $700 just to have the mother touch the baby after it’s been born. That’s what happened to me. Why are they charging me and my wife to touch our child?

The hospitals and other medical professionals charge outrageous fees, insurance companies pay the minimum and you’re on the hook for the rest. And if you don’t pay it goes to collections and there goes your credit.

It’s all a giant scheme to line to pockets of the greedy and this is why healthcare should be a right. We need to change the way healthcare works in this country. If 32 out of 33 other countries can figure it out, so can we. The problem is people don’t want to change it. They like robbing people and the politicians like money for their votes.

It’s sad that if you get sick the first thing you do is start a GoFundMe to help pay for your medical bills because you know they’re about to bend you over take what they want. You shouldn’t need a GoFundMe to pay for medical bills especially if you pay for health insurance. Going bankrupt because of medical bill should never happen. Not in the best country of the world right?

Funny how the greatest country in the world is lagging behind in the majority of healthcare related categories than a lot of the other developed nations.

It’s crazy to me all the people who clamor that having a gun is a god given right and are against the idea that healthcare should be a right. Of course when these dumbasses shoot themselves in the foot, literally and figuratively, they’ll wish their insurance would cover the bill.

I’m tired of healthcare companies jacking up their premium prices then refusing to pay for anything leaving people to fend for themselves. Why offer insurance if you’re not going to pay for anything? It’s like they just love taking our money for nothing. Shocking.

Healthcare should be a right and that is a hill I’m willing to die on. Of course insurance won’t cover dying on hills, their premiums only specify flat surfaces so I guess my family will have the burden on paying. Have to love the American dream and way of life.

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