January 6th Insurrection

In American history after a tragic event there always seem to be some sort of rallying cry. Pearl Harbor moved people to enlist to server in what would eventually be World War II. After 9/11 and the towers collapsed the same response; people enlisted. There is no rallying cry for the January 6th insurrection. There is no clear right or wrong, just people believing the lies perpetuated to them by Donald Trump and his band of merry idiots.

The January 6th Insurrection Was Not a False Flag

There are some who claim that the FBI, paid actors or even the BLM movement are the ones responsible for the attack on the Capitol. Easier to believe the lies than accept the truth. And that the truth is that supports of the losing candidate and twice impeached President, Donald Trump, were the ones responsible for the carnage that day as they tried to overthrow democracy because they’re feeling got hurt that their candidate lost. A loss they could not accept and even today will not accept as the proclaim the election was stolen. The only thing stolen from them was the common sense that they were brainwashed into believing all the lies and manipulation by the Trump cohorts of Republicans in Congress, his allies from Fox News and OANN and other various talking heads like Steve Bannon and the Pillow Guy whose name is not of any importance or significance.

The Congressional Committee Investigating the Insurrection

It feels like the Congressional Committee assigned to investigate the putrid events on January 6th are moving at a snail’s pace. As time goes on it appears that they’re working their way up from the little fish up to the main conspirators involved. Emails, memos, texts and other records are being released depicting that this wasn’t some just weird coincidence that all these people gathered to support Trump. They were there to disrupt the certification of election results. They were there to attack democracy. They were there to prove that even though Trump legitimately lost they still wanted a loser to be President against what the majority of the country had voted for.

These hoards of minions couldn’t have known what to do or where to go without the inside help of people in Congress. That’s right. Elected leaders helped these hoards of violent protestors storm the Capitol. They showed them where to go, whose offices where who and where to gain entry. These defilers of democracy couldn’t know where to go seeing how it was their first time inside the Capitol unless it wasn’t. Capitol tours given by Trump loyalists in Congress gave these fools the blueprint to try to achieve victory.

And Justice for All

Everyone who entered the Capitol, attacked the Capitol police, planned or aided the insurrection, Congressional leader or not, should be prosecuted and given a lengthy sentence to show that if there is another attempt to overthrow the government that there are consequences. The lower level rioters have begun to receive their punishment. While the sentencing hasn’t been as harsh in some cases people who felt they were immune from the arm of justice are now beginning to feel it’s true reach.

It won’t be true justice for all until it reaches the top of this conspiracy chain. To those people who are the architects and main motivators of this deadly insurrection. We can assume that people high up in the Trump circle are involved. I wouldn’t be surprised if this didn’t come from the blabbering mouth of Trump himself. The question remains if he was involved, can the justice department severely punish him for his role in all of this? He has tried to shield himself by mentioning Executive Privilege, but that doesn’t nor should it prohibit him from suffering consequences for the violent attempted coup on democracy.

The January 6th Insurrection is a cautionary tale that our democracy is fragile. That freedom hangs in a delicate balance and that it is vulnerable to attacks from within it’s own borders let alone from foreign. These violent mob enthusiasts taking a cue from the false idol of a man need to pay a hefty price for their actions. The lies that an election were stolen need to be laid to rest again and again as proof that election was legitimately won has be proven time and time again.

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