No Bailouts for Big Businesses or Industries

With Congress set to approve a stimulus package because of the Coronavirus, no bailouts should be given to big businesses or industries. Their shady practices and contempt for their workers and working class alone should disqualify them, but those politcians love to bailout their buddies on Wall Street while continually screwing over Main Street. Bailout the people who deserve it not these corporations who make billions in profit, but now want a corporate handout.

It amazes me how every time there is a crisis all the big corporations want a tax payer funded handout. Enough is enough with these greedy bastards. Enough of the politicians acquiescing to their false cries of collapse. Oh the humanity. We make billions in profits, don’t pay any taxes and we need tax payer money to save us. Boo fucking hoo.

No bailouts for those corporations and businesses that took the last bailout money and spent it on stock buy backs. The ones who boosted their executive pay and made their stocks look attractive to investors. If Boeing is crying they’re losing money its not because of the Coronavirus its because they built shitty planes and nobody wanted them. Let them crash or better yet, if they want a bailout, lets nationalize them. Give them back to the tax payers who have funded their slush funds for years and got continually screwed over year after year.

No bailouts for the cruise industry. Yes I use to work for them (Carnival Cruise Line) and yes I have many friends still working for them. The flags on the back of the ships aren’t American so let the countries they register in bail them out. They want to register in other countries to avoid stricter regulations and standards for safety etc. and probably for tax purposes. They hire workers, majority from 3rd world nations, pay them pennies on the dollar while they work 14-15 hour shifts and then are made to share a small cabin with others. All in the name for profit.

The cruise industry is never going to make a full comeback. I don’t care what Trump says. People are no longer going to flock to be stuck on a floating petri dish. No more massive ships holding 6 or 7 thousand people. No more polluting the ocean with waste and Carnival loves to dump their waste in the waters. How many times have they been caught illegally dumping? And don’t think for a minute it’s just them either.

No bailouts for Wall Street. Those crooks have taken advantage and gambled us into recessions before and politicians keep bailing them out. Never penalizing or regulating their bullshit. And how convenient that Republican politicians dumped all their stocks before the market crashed due to the Coronavirus. Do you think those pieces of shit get punished? Of course not because there are two Americas. One for the rich and powerful and the ones for the rest of us where we get treated like a 3rd world nation.

If these companies and industries want money, treat them like every day citizens get treated. Give them a high interest loan. You want billions? Here is a loan with an interest rate starting at 29%.

And end any and all subsidies to these companies and industries. No longer will the regular tax payer fund you incentives. You make billions in profit, don’t pay any taxes and you always have your hand out looking for more. Fuck you. And by the way start paying your taxes or there is no federally funded loan for you. And if you want to get cute with your little financial tricking of the books, we nationalize your business and give it to the people.

No more corporate greed. No more stock buybacks. No more subsidies or tax breaks and definitely no more bailouts.

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