Ron Desantis is a Wannabe Fascist

Let me start by saying this is an opinion piece and my opinion is that Ron Desantis is a piece of shit. Like most of the Republican politicians in Florida like spineless Marco Rubio and dick head looking Rick Scott, Desantis is so far detached from reality that it’s truly embarrassing that is he is governor of Florida. Doesn’t speak much to the voters of Florida, but then again when the whole state is gerrymandered it makes sense. As Ron Desantis wages his cultural wars against everything he hates, much like himself, he has abandoned his duties as Governor of Florida as he parades around the country trying to drum up support for his failing attempt at a Presidential bid at nominee.

Ron Desantis might have gone to Yale, but going to an Ivy League school doesn’t make you smart just like going to a drag show doesn’t make you gay. Like Marco Rubio, Desantis is constantly on his knees groveling for support and attention. He likes to parade around like he is this bad ass, but he softer than the Charmin toilet paper I wipe my ass with. His book, which I’m sure he won’t ban, touts he grew up in Tampa with the morals and values of people from Northeast Ohio. That should tell you everything about him. Basically he is a lying prick who will say anything to get elected. Too bad he can’t do the job he was elected for. Instead he wants to be Trump Jr. as a president. We already had one dumbass in office, we don’t need another.

Cultural Wars

Desantis has waged a cultural war against everything he is supposedly against; gays, drag queens etc. I say supposedly because more often than not, politicians who create these bills targeting gays, trans people are more often projecting since they’re probably closet gays or had relations with trans people. My favorite part is that what he thinks and others think he is doing is in the name of the lord and what is in the bible. Like many of Desantis’ colleagues, Jesus hung out with prostitutes.

Desantis acts like some savior or hero going after the LGBTQ community. Gay and trans people aren’t the problem. Weak minded politicians like Desantis are the problem. They hide behind the bible as if it will shield them from all their bullshit and hypocrisy. I’m still waiting for them to tell me how it was ok for Mary to be married to Joseph and get knocked up by someone else.

And with Desantis in office the rise of white supremist group and nazis has risen exponentially. He doesn’t care because he rather white wash the state then reject those backwood hillbillies who think the Confederate flag is something to be proud of. I mean how many people who lost a war still fly their flag around as if their so proud to be descendants from a bunch of losers. Then again it’s par for the course for those uneducated, cousin lusting freaks.

Book Ban

Ron Desantis like to tout his “policies” as giving parents more rights, but what he is actually doing is making it so that anything that is perceived negative against white people is removed. Typical Nazi nonsense. Banning books about Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks and Roberto Clemente, to name a few, because they mention racism is a bitch move. Just because you don’t want people to know about racism and white people being racist towards a certain group of people doesn’t mean it neve existed.

Of course his memoir of bullshit and tall tales isn’t banned. I’m sure he and what’s left of his supporters bought enough books to make it seem like he is a best seller.

My favorite part of the book ban is him threatening teachers if they do have books that depict racism in their class. I really can’t see Desantis being an intimidating figure at all. I mean this is the same dumbass who tucked his jeans into white boots while visiting Hurricane devastated areas. I’m sure he wanted to project strength but he is anything but. Figured his Northeast Ohio values would have told him it was a bad idea to tuck jeans into white boots, but ya know.

Don’t Say Gay

Another initiative Desantis has is his war on gays and trans people. He thinks by learning about gay people or going to a drag show makes you gay somehow. Sort of like how his long time friend Kent Stermon, who served on the governor’s transition team and was a current member of the board that oversees the state’s public universities, wasn’t a pedophile because he molested a girl and when he tried to bribe the parents with a 5 figure payment that they rejected he killed himself instead of facing the law. What a great friend Ron. Care to talk about those photos will you and the other pedophile Matt Gaetz? Pedophiles have to stick together or is that only in underground make up pizza shops?

If you’re offended by drag show, don’t go. If you don’t care about gay people, don’t go suck dick at a truck stop off the turnpike.

The problem with this whole Don’t Say Gay is that he is acting like he is protecting children from the gay boogeymen and trans people. People are going to be gay and trans no matter how you try to eliminate them and let’s be honest, his “laws” are nothing short of hate policies. Maybe he hates himself for having gay tendencies or hates himself because he likes to associate himself with known pedophiles. Who knows.

Fight with Disney

My favorite thing about Ron Desantis is how he is all for small government etc. and here he is going after the biggest employer and tourist revenue maker in Disney because they support gay and trans people. He tried to be slick and create laws in the middle of the night and appoint his friends and supporters to punish Disney.

Ron may not be gay but he sure took it like a champ in the ass from Disney when they out maneuvered the dimwit and fucked him over and embarrassed him nationally. The irony is that Disney did it by the book and of course Ron had a meltdown and threatened to toll the roads into Disney and put a new jail adjacent to Disney properties. What is even funnier about that is that his fellow Republicans openly told him that was a bad idea to go after a private business. Desantis likes to talk about how he speaks for Florida and this and that, but that is bullshit like most things he says. He only speaks to his dwindling base by hanging red meat for them and using dog whistles to rile them up. Them being the Nazis and white supremacists.

Home Insurance and Property Tax

While Desantis is waging his bullshit agenda of fighting wokeness he has neglected his duties as Governor. Under his regime, rates for properties tax and insurance have skyrocketed to astronomical rates, but because it doesn’t have the word woke or trans in it, he doesn’t pay attention. His constituents are suffering as he takes his Presidential campaign, I mean book tour, around the country.

And why should he care? Florida is gerrymandered to have Republican majority in all facets of government in the state. If it’s not a red district he doesn’t care about them. And that is fact.

He touts Florida first but all we’re first in is sky high property taxes and insurance rates. We barely have any insurance providers left in the state as most either got liquidated or just up and closed shop because it wasn’t economically viable to sell premiums in Florida.

Fairytale Presidential Campaign

While it’s his wife’s dream to be like Jackie O and be First Lady she is going to have to keep dreaming because Desantis will never be President let alone the nominee for the Republican party. For one his cultural woke wars only appeal to his dwindling base. Going nationwide with this hate rhetoric is only going to rile up the Nazi segment of the population.

Another reason why he won’t survive primaries is Trump and his MAGA dummies. They’re already attacking him and making him appear weak; which is he is so it’s not that much work. The MAGA base of morons will do anything for Trump like get scammed out of millions on the regular all in the name of supporting this soon to be convict.

Sensitive Snowflake Ron

Ron likes to appear like he is some macho man and it would it be true if he was one of the Village People; however, he is softer than the rolls of fat that block his view of his feet. Ron can’t handle criticism or anyone disagreeing with him and his ass backwards policies. Want to see a deer in headlights? Put Ron in a room with people who aren’t his buddies. Just watch him in debates and the look at the dumb look on his face as he stutters through his answers because he couldn’t hand pick who was in the room or what the questions were. It’s easy to look like a tough guy when you’re insulated by people who hate, I mean have the same ideas like you.

How sensitive is Desantis? He wants to have legislation that punishes people who write blog posts that paint him negatively or anyone who is a Republican in the state of Florida. Talk about a snowflake. Can’t stand someone saying the truth, I mean something you don’t want to hear that you want to create laws to punish them and make them reveal their sources otherwise they can be fined. Totally not a fascist thing to do. Let’s not forget all the bills he signs in the middle of the night let alone all the Florida laws he changes in his favor. Something someone who isn’t afraid of criticism would do.

Ron Desantis is bad for the country and bad for Florida. His agenda and polices are ass backwards and only seem to be met with defeat in the courts. He’s losing his bid for a Presidential run because he fought with a mouse and the mouse put his fat ass in a mouse trap and left him dangling for the country to see how weak he is.

Maybe one day he’ll become woke and wake up from his asinine attempts at cultural wars and see that all he is doing is losing. Maybe him and Trump can go on the biggest loser together.

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