3 Things Working From Home Has Revealed During the Coronavirus

working from home

Remember when the notion of working from home was this taboo fantasy? You needed to be in the office to be productive. That was the only way workers could be at their best for 8 hours a day. Then the Coronavirus has shown us otherwise and working in offices may never be the same again. These are the 3 things working from home has revealed to the business world.

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5 Ways to Bolster the Economy During the Coronavirus

5 ways to bolster the economy

The Coronavirus not only overwhelmed out healthcare systems into complete failure it also rendered our economy useless. Stocks plummeted, jobs were lost and people are unable to afford the basic of necessities during this time of crisis. What we need to make an economic recovery happen and happen fast is some creative thinking. No longer will the trickle down economics be considered, it’s time to go way out there with ideas. Here are my 5 ways to bolster the economy:

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