The Coronavirus is America’s Ragnarok

For me the best analogy I can come up with to describe the Coronavirus pandemic is what happened to Asgard in the movie, “Thor Ragnarok.” In the movie the fire demon Surtur, wanted to cause Ragnarok to destroy Asgard. Perhaps the Coronavirus is Surtur and by causing Ragnarok it is destroying America.

Yes Asgard was completely destroyed in the movie and while America won’t share the same fate, our systems and social structures won’t escape unscathed. We have been enjoying the good life while other 3rd world countries suffered from food shortages, diseases and lord know what else. Look at America now. We are a 3rd world country. Well except for the rich and wealthy who can are afforded luxuries such as tax breaks and offshore bank havens eluding taxes and other punishments the rest of us cannot.

The Coronavirus has destroyed the notion that America can handle an epidemic. Our healthcare system, which is a for profit healthcare, can’t handle the growing number of patients. We lack the proper equipment for the health professionals. We lack testing kits. We lack true presidential leadership.

When all is said and done, America and her systems will no longer be recognizable. Healthcare for all is not some fantasy. It needs to be a reality. It needs to be a right. We cannot handle another pandemic let alone an epidemic with the current inadequacies and deficiencies that plague our healthcare systems.

The boasted free market financial systems are really so free are they? Why are industries and big businesses always touting free market capitalism and have their hands out when something goes wrong? We’ve had bailout before and where has the money gone? Right into bigger CEO payouts and golden parachutes and into stock buybacks to increase the dividends for the investors.

Americans need a bailout not businesses or industries. The cruise industry has enjoyed the past 20 years of growth and where has all the profits gone to? Their ships have grown to enormous sizes, like their profits, and now they want a handout?

The same with the airlines. They’ve been fucking the consumer over with ticky tack fees for this and that and now they’re crying if they don’t get billions they’ll collapse. In the words of Curly Bill from the movie “Tombstone,” “Well……..bye.” Industries and big businesses have been sticking it to consumers for years and years and now because they’ve mismanaged their funds they want tax payer money to bail them out from their mistakes over and over. I don’t think so.

If this was really Thor Ragnarok, then Hela, Thor’s war mongering, evil sister, would be Donald Trump. I can’t use the word President because he is anything but Presidential. He went from claiming this to being a hoax by the Democrats to impeach him, to something that will end in warm weather to now saying he knew it was a pandemic before it was. This guy has done nothing but destroyed our country and yet people still think he is a great leader.

If the Coronavirus has shown us anything it is that our political systems are fucked up. That the government will help the rich and big businesses before it thinks about helping the people. Hopefully it will also show that Trump and his crime family syndicate are nothing more than opportunistic leeches who exploit any situation to put money into their pockets like the grifters they are.

In times of crisis we need real leadership. We don’t need daily circle jerk and ass kissing of Trump while people are getting infected and dying. We need to know there is a plan not something big will happen. May happen in a few days, but it will be big. Finally the press has had enough of his bullshit and are calling him out on his daily lies and manipulations of the facts to make him seem great. This fucker even said his Coronavirus handling was a a 10 out of a 10.

Perhaps now when immigrants flee their war or gang ravaged countries looking for food and freedom we seem them differently. America is being run by a gang of dumbasses and there is a food shortage because people keep hoarding due to the fact that the government has continually lied to us about what is really going on.

The Coronavirus has already seem small businesses close and employees either laid off or fired. And that is just the start. The longer this Ragnarok goes on the more people will be out of work. How will bills get paid? What about schools or mortgages? We are really on the precipitous of something drastic and catastrophic. We are on the verge of a complete meltdown of America.

The America we knew when 2020 started is gone. What it will be at the end of 2020 no one knows. We have the chance to completely reset out government and federal systems to make them more efficient and more for the American people than just the wealthy 1%. The caveat is that if Trump is re-elected, you can kiss all that goodbye.

Now is the time we all stand up to this dictator wannabe and say no more. No more lies. No more bullshit. No more you or your family making a profit off America.

The only good that the Coronavirus has provided is the necessary wakeup call to all Americans. To show us that we are a 3rd world country and have been in decline for years. To show us that our for profit healthcare systems aren’t good enough. To show us that our government is run by a bunch of circle jerking hacks.

Hopefully America’s Ragnarok has a better ending that for half the people of Asgard. I sure as hell hope there isn’t another Thanos like pandemic waiting to destroy all of civilization as we know it. Maybe that is what they Earth intended when she let the virus run free. To wake us up to the death and destruction we’ve been causing for years that has gone unchecked.

The canals in Venice are clear with dolphins swimming in them. LA and China no longer have a cloud of smog hanging over them. The Chinese have actually seen the blue in skies and the people in LA can breathe freely.

The Earth may have hit the reset button this time, but if we as humans, not just Americans or Italians etc., don’t wake up and change the way we’ve been living the next button Earth reaches for might the be the delete button.

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