The 2024 NBA All-Star Game Was an Embarrassment

The NBA should be ashamed with how the 2024 NBA All-Star Game was played. That wasn’t entertaining, nor was is worthy of being called basketball. It was laziness and a lackluster attempt of the best of the best in the NBA to “play basketball.” There was nothing enjoyable watching an NBA All-Star Game end with a final score of 211-186.

NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, can’t possibly think this type of game grows the brand and the game of basketball. It honestly might be time to start thinking about scrapping the NBA All-Star Game altogether. The whole weekend when you take it in as a whole was an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions.

How do you have an NBA Skills Challenge when the majority of the players in the NBA lack the basic fundamentals?

Don’t even get me started on that trash they call the Dunk Contest.

I felt like on of those elderly people screaming from his porch telling kids to get off his lawn. Instead I was screaming at the TV telling these NBA superstars to play some defense.

I completely get that the NBA game has changed over years and has evolved to this new era of only dunks and shooting from half courts. The mid-range and post games have become obsolete.

But my god, can they play some defense in the NBA All-Star Game?

Hell Zion Williamson gets excited to play with some D once he knows he’s with a porn star.

Do you honestly think Kobe, Jordan, Bird or any of the legends would let their teams not play defense in an All-Star Game? Where is the pride for the game? The game was nothing more than poor passing, dunks and half court shots? How does this grow the game?

Will they get rid of the game? No. It’s a money maker and these guys in the league office aren’t going to walk away from money. But something needs to change. The game has been unbearable and unwatchable these past few years.

The initial reaction among the majority of sports writers, pundits and various other journalists has the same thought as myself, it was embarrassing. There is no sugar coating it or trying to disguise it. The game was atrocious on every level imaginable.

What is the point of hyping up the game and letting players “draft” each other only to have this pathetic display of basketball? Was there a point spread on Draft Kings that had to be met or something? Who bet big and who won?

Where is the pride of the players? Do they think this is an acceptable way to play? Not one ounce of defensive effort. People play harder defense on rec leagues than what was shown tonight.

Again, I’m not sure what can be done to change the format of the NBA All-Star Game, but it is in dire need of a makeover. Are the Property Brothers around?

The league can’t honestly tell themselves this game, let alone the weekend, was a success. I know they made a ton of money from it. Hell, the strippers and escorts did too. And by the looks of the score, some bettors and bookies in Vegas did too.

The NFL realized their Pro Bowl game had to change. It’s time the NBA realize the same thing. Hell, the NHL needs to realize that as well. MLB is the only sport where people take pride in being and playing in an All-Star Game.

The All-Star Game can’t continue being this farce and labeled basketball by the best players in the world. At this point I rather watch Justin Bieber try to play basketball on MTV’s Rock and Jock games than watching a bunch of professionals lollygag up and down the court on defense.

God what an embarrassment.

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