The NFL has a Taylor Swift Problem

There isn’t a doubt in my mind that the NFL has a Taylor Swift problem. Every time he smile flashes on screen or she is captured walking to a suite, we are effortlessly reminded why she is the biggest issue in sports today. And we’re not reminded by anything she does, but by all the self-loathing, couch ninjas who hate women in sports. And in most cases they hate women in general. The NFL’s issue isn’t with Taylor, but with all the lard chest slapping, sleep apnea wheezing, haven’t seen their toes in 15 years, fans who considered themselves manly men.

It’s ok to not like her music if that is what triggers some of you so much. I’m not a Swiftie myself, but she does have some songs that I enjoy. Oh no, I must be the problem with sports now.

These so called fans issues are with women in sports and women in general. Their still ever slowly developing, feeble brain thinks the place for women in on their knees or in the kitchen. Of course when these guys look down, I’m sure there is a great portion who haven’t been able to see their knees let alone pay for the time of woman to get on hers.

These fans hate women’s sports. Men are superior. Women’s games are boring. blah blah blah And this coming from guys who probably still reminisce of those good old days at Polk High School where they scored the winning touchdown at homecoming. And you know they’ll follow that story up about how they would have gone pro too if it wasn’t for those pesky knee injuries.

I will concede that it gets annoying when cameras pan to ever after every play for a reaction.

If highly successful and talented women go to games to support their significant others bothers you that much, maybe get off of Dungeons and Dragons and go find your own version of Taylor Swift. Maybe you have, but your jealous that you have to deflate her before you take her out while Taylor just shows up and everyone freaks out.

How annoying is it really that she is doing a swag line? How is that different from you singing piano man at weddings or Sweet Caroline and games? She is having fun and enjoying herself. Something a lot of you should try, but without your AI girlfriends.

Are you upset that no one is wearing your custom made bedazzled sweater? Do you want a friendship bracelet from a Swiftie?

As long as she is dating Travis Kelce, the NFL is going to love having Taylor Swift on. She is a cash cow to a new segment of viewers and fans; women. And women spend money and you know the NFL is all about that money. I mean hell, every commercial is a damn sports book gambling ad or it’s for ozempic.

No one says you have to like her or her music. Or her lack of rhythm dancing; let her alone. She is having fun. Something you should try. And if your fun is fingering that butter, when then you definitely need some fresh air.

It’s always a great and positive thing when other’s show up for their loved ones. Stop bitching about it all the time. Makes me wonder if it’s you that needs to be in a skirt and not her.

Taylor isn’t going anywhere unless there is a Bachelor style season ending cliffhanger where they do break up. Accept it like you accept the fact you’re a miserable person who has nothing better to do than pick on people.

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