Tipping is out of Control

There use to be a time when you would customarily tip your server, bartender, valet etc.; but it seems that those times are long gone. Now you see tip jars at retail store registers, gyms and everywhere in between. It’s crazy. You can’t go anywhere without a tip jar being so blatantly in your face. I think tipping is out of control, but that is not the real reason for the uptick in tip jars.

There are a myriad of possibilities as to what has led to the explosion of non-customary jobs now having tip jars out. And if we’re going to talk about the explosion of people seeking tips can we also talk about all these “new” service fees that keep getting tacked on to our bills? I had a service fee that said “litigation expense.” They added a fee so that money could go to their attorney fees because they were being sued. I kid you not. Anyhow back to the lecture at hand.

Sure some people are looking for handouts or some free money while others think they should be receiving a tip for their service. What gets me is that if I use the self order/checkout computer why are y’all asking for a tip? Didn’t I do the majority of the work with the order? Are the tips going to the cooks etc.?

Honestly, the real reason that tipping is out of control is the rising cost of everything except wages. Groceries, rent, gas, life essentials are out of control themselves. Why you ask? Greed under the guise of capitalism along with supply chain issues and whatever other excuse these greedy bastards come up with all in the name of “free markets.”

With the rise of inflation and god knows what else you think wages and salaries would rise to meet the challenges of today; wrong. Companies and their share holders are nothing more than greedy bastards who will nickel and dime their workers so they can reap excessive amounts of profits that get funneled back into their bank accounts in form of stocks, dividends etc.

Tipping isn’t the problem. It’s businesses not paying a living wage to their employees that is the main problem.

Corporate greed has always been a mainstay of the American capitalism system, but they’re not even trying to mask their greed any more. They’re open and blatant about because they know nothing will ever happen to them because they have politicians in their pocket. Spineless pricks like Marco Rubio to name one.

Want to reign in all this tipping? Go after these companies that are paying minimum wage salaries but reporting billions in quarterly profits. And that is the problem. Profits are more important than their workers. These people break their backs daily to make money for greedy bastards who don’t give one fuck about them.

Capitalism in nothing more than greed and exploitation of workers. As long as we have an economic system that benefits the few and makes the majority suffer, we will continue to see the uprise in tip jars across all faces of businesses in America.

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