What is it About Black People that Scares You?

This post is for all the ignorant, unabashed racists out there. The ones that call the police on African Americans for having a BBQ in the park or the ones riding around town in their trucks proudly waving their Confederate flags hunting down a black man for jogging in his neighborhood. This post is for the cops who will talk and calmly subdue a white suspect who is wielding a weapon, but will kneel on the throat of a black man who was accused of forging a check. This is also for all the white people who sit on the sideline and do nothing as the rampant attacks on black people continue to escalate because it doesn’t affect you personally. My question is what is it about black people that scares you?

It seems like every other day black people are getting murdered by white people for no other reason than for the color of their skin. And lets face it, this has been going on for hundreds of years, but as technology has advanced, we’ve been able to capture more of the crimes on video than ever before. The world can see the hatred clearly now, white women calling the cops faking the notion that their life was being threatened because they know that their fake fear can be weaponized and used against black people.

Cops who are suppose to protect and serve everyone yet they love to harass minorities, mistreat them and kill them as well. Black people have been killed recently by the cops for having a toy gun, selling cigarettes, for grabbing their license as instructed and recently with George Floyd, for the mere suspicion of writing a forged check. There is a figure out there that says 1 in 1000 black men will die by the hands of the police. 1 in 1000. Not 1 in a million or 5 million but 1000.

So what is about black people that scares white people into committing these heinous crimes against them? Why do they hate black people and minorities in general so much?

We’ve known racism has been going on for hundreds of years. Just because we never saw it never meant it never happened. Look at all the closeted racists who came out shouting, “Make the White House white again,” when Obama was the President. They’re not closeted any more with Trump spewing in hate every day from the bully pulpit against minorities all under the bullshit guise of make America Great Again. When was America ever great for minorities, especially black people?

Are you upset you can own a black person anymore? Are you upset you have to cook your own food and clean up your own house because slavery was abolished? Are you upset because you have to share a bus or a water fountain with black people? Are you mad because now you have to go to school with black people?

Do you really think the color of your skin makes you a better person than people of color? Does your white privilege afford you the right to harass black people for using the community pool or asking why are they in an affluent neighborhood?

Why are you so afraid of black people?

Are you afraid to find out that Jesus was really a dark skinned Middle Eastern man and not the white man you see plastered all over churches and other religious items? Are you afraid to admit that the rock and roll was created by a black woman named Sister Rosetta Tharpe? Are you afraid that when you watch sports all you will see is minorities dominating? Are you afraid to have a black person as your manager at work? Or are you afraid that your child will bring home a black boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you upset that Columbus never discovered America or that there is no white history month?

Do you want your country back is that it? Do you want it to go back to when it was better times? It’s not like white people discovered America. You guys stole the lands by backstabbing and reneging on treaties and slaughtering Native Americans till they were almost wiped out because you wanted their lands. And a little history lesson, Mexico once existed where Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Utah, Colorado and Nevada exists today. So when you scream, “Send them back,” they are right where they belong.

Do you hate black people and minorities so much that you become cops to harass them? Do you as a police officer get off on beating a handcuffed black person? Do you feel tough? Do your tiny balls tingle with glee at the thought of shooting a black person? Does the rush of planting evidence on a black person get you off?

Fuck white privilege. Fuck the police that harass, who plant evidence and kill black people and minorities. Fuck the people on the sidelines who do nothing because it doesn’t affect them directly.

I get it, you weren’t born an ignorant, racist asshole, but you were taught to be one. And you continue to hate and blame minorities for your short comings. Oh you didn’t get a job because of affirmative action. Maybe you were as qualified or experienced as you thought. All the Mexicans taking jobs away from Americans? I don’t see you telling your kids they’re good enough to scrub toilets or empty garbage in office buildings nightly. I sure as shit don’t see you out there picking fruit in the blistering sun for $3 an hour. Your white privilege would never let you stoop so low.

And the sad part is you keep teaching the next generation to hate and then they teach the generation after that to hate. When is the hate enough? Aren’t you tired of seeing your face plastered all over the internet for being a dumbass? Are you tired of playing the victim card when you never were a victim? When was the last time we had a white lives matter march because the cops killed another white person for no reason? When was the last time you were denied entry into a school or got refused for a job because the color of your skin?

Do you really think the Confederate flag is part of your heritage? You think losing a war is something to be proud of? A flag symbolizing oppression of black people is a cool thing to dangle for the back of your truck. I’m sure some of you have Nazi flags as well. Since you guys love to support the fact that you’re losers who support losers, where is your flag for losing the War of 1812?

Next time when you’re in school working on math, know that mathematics was created in Africa. Or if you’re into CSI know that Egyptians were the first to perform an autopsy and what continent is Egypt located in? And how could I forget that the first words spoken by humans in, where class? Africa. Architecture, engineering, laws, religion; all discovered by Africans. See black people have done more for the advancement of civilization than just playing basketball and rapping you fucking ignorant assholes.

And to those people who love to dig up past arrests or indiscretions of innocently killed black people to justify their murder, fuck you too. And how can I forget those who bring up that they should have listened to the cop’s commands or what about black on black violence. You should be ashamed of your ignorance, but you don’t know any better.

You’ve never had laws and rules meant to keep you down. You were never hung from a tree for looking at a black woman. You were never spat on because you wanted to get the same education as everyone else. You never had your town or city burnt to the ground because it was prosperous. But the generations before you were responsible for it and instead of trying to rectify their mistakes, you just amplify your hatred.

There will be a time when your racist ass is buried under black soil, surrounded by darkness and when you get to those pearly white gates and the real Jesus, the brown one not the white one, sees you I hope he revokes your white privilege card and sends your ass to the fields to work. You’ll have plenty of time to reflect on what your hate really gets you and know that hate is never the answer. And I hope you find the answer to the question of what about black people scares you because you will have plenty of time to think about it.

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