Back the Blue

It’s ironic that the MAGA crowd that were the main ones chanting back the blue and arguing against defunding the police are now the ones screaming for it after their beloved leader, Donald Trump, had an FBI search warrant executed at his Mar-a-Largo residence. What made them change their minds so quickly? Did they think the law and the justice system was for them solely to use against others and was unfathomable to think that if they committed a crime that they would not be investigated?

Any rational person would know that if the FBI received a warrant to execute a search at a former President’s residence that they made sure they had enough compelling evidence to bring to the judge signing that warrant. I get that the MAGA crowd think Trump is some sort of god, but he is nothing more than a fraud who exploits the weak and feeble minded to propel him to heights his fat ass could never get to by himself. Like his weight he has inflated every aspect of his life to make himself more important powerful than he really is.

During the Black Live Movement and the protests against police brutality, these MAGA people were screaming for people to support the police and Back the Blue. They added a blue stripe to the American flag and were adamant that defunding the police will allow crime to run rampant in their communities. Of course they don’t understand that defunding the police doesn’t mean getting rid of the police entirely, it means we don’t allocate extra financial resources for them to buy tanks to roam streets or paint the Punisher logo on the hoods of squad cars.

Now these same people are screaming that it was a political hit job and that if the FBI can raid the former President then they can raid you as well. That seems to happen when you have evidence to a crime that the FBI or anyone else is investigated. You get raided so they can seize all the evidence before it gets destroyed or tampered with. That is how the whole justice system works. Remember no one is above the law, not even a grifter turned President turned to be about to be indicted for numerous crimes.

You have Republican politicians threatening to investigate the FBI and defund them once if they gain seats during the midterm elections. But if we defund the FBI doesn’t that mean crime will go up exponentially?

Pundits on Fox News are crying this is unprecedent blah blah blah. It is. When has a former President been about to get indicted for numerous felonies? And I’m sure they haven’t even hit the January 6th insurrection portion of his crime web yet. The smart ones on the Republican side know he is dirtier than a shit stain on a diaper, but they pander to his base for votes and because they’re easy to rally and manipulate. Why is that? Because the lack the needed intelligence to know the difference between the truth and being gas lit by a gas bag of a person.

You can’t be screaming to back the blue one minute and then calling for it to be defunded because you don’t like the way something happens. It clearly shows that they they think the justice system works for them not against them. Only their political opponents and minorities should be subject to the type of treatment Trump just experienced. That is what MAGA is all about; white nationalism soaked in racism and misogyny. Lets not forget their contempt for women and the choices they make with their bodies.

That is the whole thing about Trump and his cronies. They don’t think the law applies to them. Time and time again they’ve shown their contempt for the law or even following it. Their radicalized base feels the same way about them; that they’re above the law. They’re now getting a first hand look at what happens when the law is not on your side and they’re not happy about it.

You can’t back the blue then scream a political hit job. It doesn’t work like that. You either back the blue all the time or you don’t back the blue at all. There is no toeing the line as long as the system works for you.

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