Just Because You’re Tired of Covid Doesn’t Mean It’s Over

I was at the market and saw a guy with a t-shirt that said he survived Covid and I asked him how did he survive it if it’s still ongoing. He didn’t have an answer because he knew the truth and that is the pandemic is far from over. We’re all tired of Covid but that doesn’t mean that it’s over.

We had to endure lockdowns and wearing masks to go anywhere, but it seems like people have said Covid is done and just like that the virus is gone. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that and new variants of Covid strains are still emerging; letting us know we didn’t defeat Covid. We lost and are still losing.

It’s easy to think Covid went away. The news no longer provides positive infection or hospitalization numbers. They no longer give air time to the fools who didn’t want to wear masks chanting, “My body, my choice.” Those people have now moved on to getting rid of the choice of women to decide what to do with their bodies.

Gone are the long testing lines and vaccine shot locations. It was like Covid never happened, but in reality Covid hasn’t left and it’s not done. This isn’t some doom and gloom post. I’m tired of Covid, but I know it’s still here and I take precautions to protect myself.

Sports stadiums are filled with fans, restaurants have indoor dining and mask restrictions are now a just nice to have, but Covid is still there waiting for us to let our guard down to strike again. Had the federal government took this seriously back when it was first starting to spread we could have curtailed the massive damage Covid inflicted on people and families. Instead they allowed it to run rampart, shuttling PPE to states loyal to Trump and basically leaving everyone out to dry if they caught it.

But that seems like par for the course with the federal government and all it’s agencies. They always seem to let things go out of control while they have it under control. Same with HIV and AIDS. They could have put a dent in it back in the ’80s, but the screwed up that response as well.

Either way, Covid isn’t going away even if we say we’re done with it. It’s here for the long haul. Hopefully the strains become milder and milder, but who knows these days.

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

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