You Can’t Pick and Choose When to be Pro-Life

Being Pro-Life doesn’t mean you can pick and choose when you can be Pro-Life or not. You can’t just be concerned about an unborn child and then neglect it once it’s born. You can’t say you value all life and do nothing as kids get slaughtered in school by a hail of bullets. Reality is if someone considers them a Pro-Lifer then let’s be honest; they only care about unborn children. After that they could give a shit what happens.

Gun Violence

How is it that there has been more mass shootings in 2022 so far than days that have gone by? Why are kids no longer preparing for earthquake or tornado drills, but now are instead preparing for an active shooter situation on campus? Forget about going to the market, to the movies or church; you’re just as likely to get gunned down there as well.

How many more mass shootings before these Pro-Lifers have had enough?

Oh that’s right they’re also pro gun. It’s a goddamn shame that people rather have the right to own guns than kids have the right to go to school and not get killed. Can anyone make that make sense to me?

We as Americans have a gun problem. People are obsessed with them. They take family photos of everyone holding a gun. They think owning a gun is as American as apple pie. They think owning a gun is their God given right and I can assure you it’s not.

Kids are getting mowed down by assault weapons and instead of trying to get guns off the street these Pro-Lifers want to have more people with guns. Because you know guns don’t kill people. People kill people or something bullshit reasoning like that. They blame mental health and if they have a Latin name, then they’re an illegal or if they have an Muslim name they’re a terrorist. They seek excuses not solutions to America’s gun problem.

People have perverted the 2nd Amendment. They claim God gave them that right or that the founding fathers intended for people to own guns. They point to a specific portion of the Amendment and not the whole thing. They only care about this portion, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms.” What the founding fathers truly intended was not to have everyone own an AR-15 with banana clips, but to make sure that State militias would be maintained for the defense of the state. No where does it say any person can have any gun of their choice.

Do I believe you have the right to defend yourself; absolutely. Do you need an arsenal of assault weapons to do it, no? If you want to walk around town in Army fatigues, flack jackets carrying your AR-15 trying to be GI Joe, you might as well sign up for the real thing.

And just to be clear thoughts and prayers don’t do shit.


Being Pro-Life usually means making claims that abortions are wrong and should be banned. Who cares if a woman is raped or their life is in danger due to pregnancy complication, these people claim all life is important. Pro-Life supporters rather regulate a woman’s uterus than regulate guns. Read that part again. They rather regulate the uterus of women than regulate guns.

These are the same people crying, “My body, my choice,” when it comes to wearing a mask during the Covid Pandemic, but god forbid a woman have a choice when it comes to her body.

They cry for smaller government and they don’t want government interfering with their life or choices, but they want the government to tell women what to do with their bodies. These Pro-Life supporters are hypocrites.

Who cares if a woman’s life is at risk because of a pregnancy, wanted or unwanted, they want to force child birth on everyone. You can’t be Pro-Life for an unborn child and not Pro-Life for an adult. It’s doesn’t work that way.

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, tweeted: “The greatest choice a woman can make is becoming a mother.” This clown said the greatest choice. If you’re forcing women to carry children to term then it’s not a choice.

Child Development

And let’s be honest, once the baby is born they no longer care about them. Hell if they’re black, brown, gay, transgender or disabled they truly don’t give shit about them.

These so called Pro-Life politicians cutting food programs for the needy, they cut education and more recently voted against a bill to ease the baby formula shortage. What kind of Pro-Life person who vote against a bill for a baby to receive food? People who aren’t truly Pro-Life.

I find it funny how they can never find money for education or social programs but always have money for defense and tax cuts for the rich.


These Pro-Lifers are all about the military. Support our troops blah blah blah. As soon as these veterans get back home they don’t give a fuck about them. They don’t care about the trauma they suffered or have to continue to endure. They want them to reassimilate back into society as if nothing happened.

The same cuts for education funding are the same type of cuts to programs veterans need, How can they say they love their country and honor our troops then turn their back on them when they get home?

They complain about all these homeless tents and people begging, but a good portion of the homeless are veterans. Do you think they care to do anything about it? Of course not. They probably roll up their windows and lock their doors when they walk by begging for food or some money.

Is that how we should be treating our veterans? The ones who protect our freedom and democracy? Pro-lifers seem to think so.


During the height of the Coronavirus there was a segment of the population that was willing to sacrifice grandma and grandpa just so they didn’t have to wear a mask. The didn’t mind if the elderly died or got sick just as long as they didn’t have to wear a mask. Their though process was probably that they already lived a long life, so they wouldn’t be sacrificing much?

Can you really say you value all life when you’re trying to get grandma and grandpa killed because you don’t want to wear a mask?

People can’t be Pro-Life when it’s convenient for them to be. You either value all life or you’re not truly a Pro-Lifer. Simple as that. Sad part is people rather choose when to be and focus on one issue like abortion but neglect the kids once they’re born.

Pro-Lifers don’t care about all lives. They only care about themselves and pushing their views and beliefs onto others.

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