You Can’t Reason with Trump Supporters

Have you ever tried to have a reasonable or rational conversation about politics or current events with a Trump supporter? You can’t. Everything is Sleepy Joe, Libtard, the Election was stolen and so on and so on. These Trump supporters live in an alternate universe where only what they think matters or exists and it’s dangerous.

It was cute when Trump first decided to run because no one thought he would win. Nobody with common sense would vote for a lying, fraudster who inflates everything like his pant size, but we were wrong. Those people who voted for him and still will vote for him are dangerous. Need any more proof than what happened on January 6th?

They’ll put stickers on gas pumps of Biden saying he did that not understanding how the economics of gas prices truly work. Here’s a big hint, the President, any President, has nothing to do with the price of gas. Now for the people in the back. The President has nothing to do with gas prices.

They’ll say the election was stolen and the the Space Farce, I mean Force will reinstall Trump as President once all the facts have been laid out regarding the supposed stolen election. The Pillow guy rambled for hours and hours with all his proof and never once proved anything other than he is a complete dumbass. The election was not stolen. Trump knows this, Republicans know this, Trump Supporters do not.

The way these people fawn all over him is borderline psycho. T-shirts with Trump as this action hero or Trump as a savior are their basic wardrobe along with big flags depicting Trump in 2024 for President. What is ironic is that these people represent everything Trump hates: poor people yet the worship him.

Do you know why Trump likes his followers? Because they’re dumb and easy to manipulate. Republicans in Congress and elsewhere know this to and use that to help them in the polls etc. You throw a phrase or dog whistle out and these people start climbing out of the woodwork hooting and hollering as if they were storming the Capitol all over again.

They think they’re being persecuted because they’re white, they’re religious or for god knows what else. Truth is a good portion of them are racists, homophobes who talk about following the bible but most can’t even read what’s in it. They rely on Fox News to tell them what to do and what to believe. And they believe an election was stolen from the person who lost it because they can’t believe that with all the checking and facts going around that Trump actually lost.

It’s ok to disagree with politics and policy, but when the obvious truth is there and they refuse to acknowledge it, then you know you can’t reason with Trump supporters. They’ll start with Biden takes weekends trips to Delaware but ignore all of the tax payer paid golf trips to his resort Trump took. Remember when he said he wouldn’t go golfing or take vacations when he was running? I know his supporters sure don’t They make fun of Biden falling off a bike, but won’t see how morbidly obese and out of shape Trump is.

They concoct these stories of Biden’s family corruption but neglect to see what the privileged and often unintelligent spawn of Trump did. Look at Hunter’s laptop they bellow but don’t see how the Trump family padded their bank accounts with tax payer money.

It wouldn’t even matter if he was indicted, which he probably will be, they’ll just say it a political hit job and he’s innocent. Trump wasn’t innocent when he was grabbing pussy and he sure wasn’t innocent went he sent that Maga mob to storm the Capitol to stop the certification of the election.

These people truly feel America and they were better with him in the White House giving Putin tug jobs in the Oval office. He tried to overthrow the government with a failed coup, he tried to bribe other heads of states for fake info, he lied, he stole, he gaslit and made himself bigger than he truly is. Ego wise of course, he is still a lard ass of a person and yet they revere him. Are we that desperate for leadership that they turn to Trump?

While one can hope that Maga and Trump die out faster than Don Jr. snorting a line, it doesn’t seem like these people and their illogical reasoning are going anywhere for now. We just have to make sure they don’t try steal an election and they’re dumb enough to try it believe me.

Photo by Natilyn Hicks (Natilyn Photography) on Unsplash

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